Linq for Tweet Deck


It is your social dashboard that connects all your friends across twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google buzz and Foursquare. What has become your one stop social browsing!

We, at Linq enable all you TweetDeck users to shorten all those lengthy URLs that you want to post to fit into your status without even visiting us.

Yes, it is as simple as that! We bring our services to your fingertips so that you could update your friends without having to worry about the character limit or ugly looking URLs.


Let's get started



Step 1 : Go to "Settings -> Services"


Step 2 : Click on the drop down which says "Select the service you wish to use to shorten URLs" and select "Other"


Linq for Tweetdeck



Step 3 : Copy code below and paste inside the text box where it says "Other URL shortening Endpoint" and save settings.



Once done you are ready to go..
Give a break to the annoying long URLs and keep your posts short and sweet…



Let us know if you need link shortening services for your applications, we might be able to extend our services to you.


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