Linq for Firefox (Smart keywords support)


Firefox Smart keywords are an easy way to query from specific websites directly from the Firefox Location bar. It cuts down the entire process of visiting the targeted website and typing the content and then commanding to process. The advantage is you can just do that while you are at any website.


To create a smart keyword:


Step 1 : Visit the (open in new window)


Step 2 : Right-click on the URL Address field. Select Add a Keyword for this Search....


Linq for Firefox Smart Keyword support


Step 3 : The Add Bookmark dialog appears. Enter an appropriate name for the bookmark (e.g. " | URL shortener"). Create a keyword for your convenience (e.g. "q"). and click SAVE.


Linq Smart for Firefox Keywords


Ready to go: To use the created smart keyword, enter the keyword and the URL in the Location bar and then press Enter.


LinQ Firefox address bar


Tip : Type your smart keyword "ex. q" front of your URL in Firefox and hit Enter.



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